We focus on providing value, which means we want our clients to receive the best possible chance at a great result for their dollars.

Our goal is to always provide more value than what you pay for.


If the scope of work is predictable, we can propose a flat fee to handle the entire matter. You’ll pay up front, and won’t receive any surprise invoices. 


For a set monthly fee, our firm will deliver a defined set of professional services. You’ll know up front how much to budget each month, and what exactly is included.


The traditional model. We will provide an estimate for the required work. Then we track our time, and send an invoice per the agreed upon terms, or after a big event. You will be billed per our supplied rate sheet for specific services, although we would much rather work on a flat fee or subscription.


These include fees based on a contingency, hybrid hourly-contingency, budgets, volume-based discounts, and even equity investments. Generally, these fees take a bit longer to negotiate.